– Affordable World Class Canadian universities.
– Ability to work from day one (*conditions apply)
– 3 year work permit once you complete the degree.
– Ability to apply for PR.

  • Foundation
  • Diploma
  • Bachelor
  • Postgraduate Certificate
  • Master’s Degree

Why Canadian Universities ?

High quality, affordable cost !

Canadian universities are funded by Canadian provincial governments. The land, buildings and infrastructure costs are paid for by Canadians through taxation, so tuition fees solely cover education costs. Canadian universities are fully regulated by the governments and by other academic organizations. This allows Canadian universities to have high quality education while costing less.

The CUAC selects member universities that offer a spectacular combination of quality, lower tuition and higher scholarship possibility to give international students a wide range of choice.


Canadian universities offer a huge range of degree programs and a huge range of course choices inside each program.

Each CUAC member university will offer many programs under many of these areas: biosciences, computer sciences, astrophysics, arts and humanities, engineering, drama and many more.

Along with your major area of study you will have “elective” options from other disciplines like those mentioned here. For example, an engineering student might take a literature or geography course.