Saint Mary's University (SMU
Saint Mary’s University (SMU

Saint Mary’s University (SMU) is recognized for its academic excellence across a wide range of programs. These vary from business to computer science and engineering, to arts and social sciences as well as more unusual programs such as astrophysics, environmental studies, international development and criminology. SMU is renowned for the Sobey School of Business, offering an enormous range of business specializations and courses all with the globally-recognized AACSB accreditation.


Internships(co-op) are available in almost every undergraduate program, allowing for a year of work experience during the degree. Students are eligible for more than 1000 student jobs on campus as well.Students are well-prepared to get practical work experience each year of their studies, with increasing salary scope, year by year, all as part of their degree programs.


With an incredible variety of supports for all students, SMU continues to be one of Canada’s leading attractions for international students from all over the world. These special services add huge value to the large range of work/study programs that SMU has in place across all of its academic programs.

The SMU commitment to international students is no more impressively evident than in its fantastic scholarship program. Students with excellent academic standings in their high school studies have a high chance of catching some really great scholarship offers!



Saint Mary's University SMU
Saint Mary’s University SMU

Local markets, live music, location by the ocean & the most colourful student experience you could ask for.

Do you want to study in one of Canada’s most historic cities, all within one of its most fun cities full of young people launching their educations and careers?