Diploma in ERP

Diploma in Enterprise Resource Planning for Professional Development

Knowledge in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is one of the Prime requirements in today's Business
World. Most of the Corporates in the modern Business Arena demands the knowledge in ERP and ERP
related Project Management Experience from the professionals they recruit.

Course Objectives –
 Delivering effective insights of ERP Concepts and Practices
 Delivering Conceptual and Practical awareness about ERP Functionalities and
 Gain the Insights of How Modern Businesses are empowered through effective ERP
practices by automating their operations.
 Providing the Foundation for the Students to become an active Role in ERP based

Core Contents of the Course –
 Introduction and Overview of ERP Systems and Concepts
 ERP Implementation Life Cycle – (Using Microsoft Sure Step)
 ERP Project Management – (Using Microsoft Sure Step)
 ERP Security
 General Ledger
 Order to Cash Cycle
 Procurement to Pay Cycle
 Overview of Inventory Management

This Course is Designed to
Corporate Executives / Professionals in Finance, Supply Chain and IT , Students who plans to proceed
their career in Finance with ERP knowledge.
Graduates and Undergraduates , (Bsc , BBA , CIMA, CMA , ACCA , CA, BCS , etc.)