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Psychology is the science of behaviours,  thoughts and feelings.

In essence, psychology aims to understand how people behave, think and feel.
This definition is well captured in the HELP Faculty of Behavioural Sciences motto:
Understanding Minds, Empowering Lives.

This programme allows students to complete a 3-year Psychology Honours degree in Malaysia conferred by HELP University, or to transfer credits to leading universities in Australia, the United Kingdom or New Zealand.

1st YEAR – Core papers
• Introduction to Psychology 1 (Biopsychology, Individual Differences, Cognitive Psychology)
• Introduction to Psychology 2 (Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Abnormal Psychology)
• Psychology of Personal and Academic Development
• Introduction to Quantitative Methods
• Introduction to Qualitative Methods
• Career Exploration 3 MPU subjects (9 subjects)

2nd YEAR – Core papers
• Advanced Quantitative Methods 1
• Advanced Quantitative Methods 2
• Social Psychology
• Human Personality
• Biopsychology
• Developmental Psychology
• Learning and Cognition
• Industrial Training 2 MPU subjects (10 subjects)

3rd YEAR – Core papers
• Undergraduate Thesis
• Ethics in Psychology
• Abnormal Psychology
• Introduction to Psychological Testing
• Career Development & Planning (5 subjects)

We are proud to offer over 20 electives from different fields of Psychology. Students have the privilege of choosing seven papers in Year 2 and 3 from the following:
• Counselling Skills
• Counselling Theories and Techniques
• Conflict Theory and Resolution
• Human Services
• Group Process
• Educational Psychology
• Exceptional Children: Developmental Disorders
• Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect
• Learning Disabilities
• Introduction to Industrial/ Organisational Psychology
• Psychology in the Workplace
• Substance Abuse
• Forensic Psychology
• Health Psychology
• Understanding and Managing Emotions
• Cross Cultural Psychology
• Youth Work and Services
• Issues in Contemporary Psychology
• Psychology of Eating
• Human Motivation
• Psychology of Film
* New and different electives are added every year at the department’s discretion.

Programme Details
• 3-year Honours programme
• 32 subjects to be completed in a minimum period of 3 years
• 3-4 hours of teaching per subject per week
• For a minor, students are required to complete 6-10 subjects offered in the related specialisation
• 14-week semester (Jan & Aug); 7-week semester (May); 3 semesters per year

Entry Requirements
Applicants are required to fulfill the following standard requirements:
• A-Levels: 1 C, 1 D

Applicants will also be required to fulfil one of the following English requirements:
• IELTS: 5.5 (Academic)
• TOEFL: 550 paper-based (213 computer-based / 80 Internet-based)

Total Fee:
USD 19,395 (3 Years) (about LKR 3.2 Million for 3 years.)

Year 1   USD 4,895
Year 2   USD 7,237
Year 3   USD 7,237