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The BSc (Hons) Computer Science degree is a well established and successful course which was designed and is continually updated in conjunction with industrial partners through our Employer Advisory Group. It has a strong emphasis on hands on practical and transferable skills in a range of areas including software engineering, networking and cloud technologies, computer security, distributed databases and human computer interaction making graduates from the course very employable (recent statistics show that around 80% of our students go on to professional employment or to study for higher degrees). The course team is looking forward to the opportunity to collaborate with HELP CAT and to help them deliver a course as successful as it is at our Cambridge Campus.”

Course Overview:
All areas of business and commerce are becoming increasingly reliant on effective information systems. Information is the resource that now drives business. This course will introduce and develop your knowledge of information processing and information systems, and specifically how these concepts are applied within commercial organisations.
The focus is upon giving students a range of skills relevant to today’s IT industry, and specifically to business information systems. It will also develop in students a creative and flexible approach to problem solving, and the ability to deliver practical solutions to a range of challenges – all skills highly valued by employers across the industry.

Aims of the Course:
• To enable students to develop an awareness of professional and business aspects of IT
• Build a core of knowledge and skills relevant to Information Systems development, with an emphasis on understanding the workings of business systems and the importance of information provision within them
• Develop a range of transferable skills needed to cope with a rapidly changing IS environment
• To enable students to analyse and design IT solutions to business problems
• To enable students to appreciate ongoing research issues within the area of Information Systems
• To prepare students to conduct research and work independently on a major project

Learning Outcomes: 
• Understanding of the principles, theory and practice of the development of information systems, computer applications and design applications to meet specific commercial requirements
• Ability to specify, design and construct small-scale database systems and implement web-based applications to meet specified requirements

Year 1 
• Learning and Skills Development for HE and Work
• Software Principles
• Design for the Internet
• Business Technology
• Introduction to People, Organisation and Management
• Visual Programming

Year 2 
• Data Security
• Project Management and Quality Assurance
• Object and Data Modelling
• Networking for Home and Small Businesses
• Design Methods and Technology Project
• Entrepreneurship in IT
• E-Business
• Web Design
• Strategic Planning for Entrepreneurs

Year 3
• Final Project
• Managing Information
• Information Security
• Working at a Small-to-Medium Business or ISP
• Database-Driven Application Programming
• Web Application Development
• Community Services
• Internship

A combination of coursework, projects and final exam.

Intakes: January 2019, June 2019, September 2019

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