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Course Overview:
This degree provides a thorough study of the principal areas of modern electronics. Given the key role of electronics in science and industry and in all areas of modern life, graduates from this degree will have a remarkably wide range of career opportunities.

Aims of the Course 
• To provide the opportunity for students to acquire a thorough grounding in the concepts and skills of the central topics in Electronics
• To provide you the knowledge and skills to develop as a specialist in the areas of electronic system design, instrumentation, interfacing, data acquisition and analysis techniques
• To provide the specialist knowledge base and skills for you to specify and design the electronics subsystems relevant to a particular subject area
• To provide you the engineering skills and knowledge required in a business context to achieve an economic solution

Learning Outcomes 
• Understand the essential facts, concepts, theories and principles of electronics
• Gain an appreciation of how electronics connects to a wider engineering context
• Demonstrate original thought in solving problems in electronic engineering
• Ability to design systems, components and processors to meet specified requirements
• Understand the wider multidisciplinary engineering context and its underlying principles
• Appreciate the social, environmental, ethical, economic and commercial considerations affecting the exercise of your engineering judgement

Year 1 
• Core Technology
• Digital Electronics
• Introduction to PIC Processors
• Computer Modelling
• Embedded Systems and Programmable Logic Controllers
• Mathematics for Technology 1
• Analogue Electronics
• Electronic Instrumentation & Measurement / Electrical Systems

Year 2 
• Electronic Circuits
• Signals and Signal Processing
• Mathematics for Technology 2
• Microprocessor Systems Design
• Design Methods and Technology Project
• Data Communications
• Data Acquisition Systems
• Electrical Machines and Power Systems / Electromagnetic Theory
• Malaysian Economy
• Strategic Planning for Entrepreneurs
• Community Services

Year 3 
• Digital Systems and Power Control
• Microelectronic Systems Design
• Final Project (Part 1)
• Final Project (Part 2)
• Digital Signal Processing
• Signals and Control Systems
• Internship

A combination of coursework, projects and final exam.

Intakes: January 2019, June 2019, September 2019
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