University of London –
Sept 2018 – Intake

Commencement: Sept 2018

University of London is one of the internationally recognized world class universities, located in London. It is the largest university in the United Kingdom. University of London has founded in 1836 and has a legend of over 175 years. During this period, it has nurtured over 160,000 students, trusted University of London to be the architect of their future.

A degree from the University of London is a Mark of Excellence, respected by employers and universities worldwide.

Since 1858, University of London Degrees has been accessible to students all over the world through the University of London International Programmes. The alumni of the international programmes include 7 Noble Prize Winners, Leaders of Commonwealth Countries, Government Ministers, renowned authors, academics, judges and business leaders. University of London has 19 self-governing colleges. London School of Economics is a leading college of the University of London and confers BSc. in Economics and Management. LSE regarded as an international centre of “Academic Excellence and Innovation” in the social sciences. LSE ranked 18th per the world in the Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings – 2016. LSE has extensive engagement with the worlds of Government Policy making and Business and provide

University of London – LLB Degree

LLB is the first step on a career route for practicing lawyers worldwide. LLB enables to develop critical awareness of the common law legal tradition and be able apply analytical and problem-solving skills in legal and non-legal settings. LLB enhances skills of communication, information literacy, analysis and arguments.

University of London is the first university to offer Degree in English Law. UOL- LLB recognized of gold standard and it’s a degree, internationally recognized. This degree of LLB has been attended by more than 19000 students in over 130 countries. The academic direction of this Law programme is provided by University College of London (UCL), London School of Political Sciences (LSE), Kings College of London, SOAS, Birkbeck and Queen Mary College to maintain the high standard of the programme.

Why study UOL – LLB

  • The UOL, LLB programme promote independent learning to develop capacity and manage your own studies
  • Offer online library and provide wealth of resources.
  • Offer expert guidance in law
  • Develop “transferable” intellectual skills
  • Enable you to develop critical awareness and understand the language of law
  • Practice law in many countries around the world (subject to local requirements).
  • Prestige and career progression
  • Opens you careers in corporate world, public sector and diplomatic missions.
  • Opportunity to worldwide networking with distinguished lawyers, barristers and judges.
  • Facilitate an alternate route to enter the Sri Lanka Law College and to admit as an Attorney – at –Law.
  • Qualifies you for master’s and doctoral studies.

Tuition Fees:
– AIA Tuition Fees** Local Fee : LKR 700,000 (Payable in Installments) 
– University of London UOL Fees UK GBP 5240 (Payable in Installments)

( ** AIA fee after the LKR 600,000 scholarship granted. )

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*** [ AIA Tuition Fees Rs. 1,300,000 – Scholarship Rs. 600,000/- = AIA Tuition Fees Local Fee : Rs.700, 000 ]

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